Regal Princess "Princess Patters" for 10/22/16 Canada Cruise

Day 1: 10/22/16 New York Itinerary Change
Day 2: 10/23/16 At Sea
Day 3: 10/24/16 Halifax
Day 4: 10/25/16 St. John
Day 5: 10/26/16 At Sea
Log Of The Cruise

Itinerary was originally St. John on Day 3 amd Halifax on Day 4. Itinerary was changed the morning of Day 2 due to forecasted weather at St. John which would have made harbor entry impossible.

Regal Princess "Princess Patters" for 6/14/16 Baltic Cruise

Day 1: 6/14/16 Copenhagen
Day 2: 6/15/16 Oslo
Day 3: 6/16/16 At Sea
Day 4: 6/17/16 Warnemunde
Day 5: 6/18/16 At Sea
Day 6: 6/19/16 Tallinn
Day 7: 6/20/16 St. Petersburg (Day 1)
Day 8: 6/21/16 St. Petersburg (Day 2)
Day 9: 6/22/16 Helsinki
Day 10: 6/23/16 Stockholm
Day 11: 6/24/16 At Sea
Log Of The Cruise

Although about 90% of passengers embark at Copenhagen, 5% embark at Warnemunde and the last 5% at St. Petersburg. Passengers embarking at Warnemunde and St. Petersburg receive a separate embarkation version of the Patter for their first day. The cruise is sold only as a round-trip. Embarking at one port and disembarking at another is not possible except in connection with the beginning and end of season Transatlantic cruises.